Founded 1878

In the days before the Welfare State, Maria Holland funded the opening of “St Joseph’s Hospital for the Sick Poor” in Preston which came to be known as Mount St. Hospital. Nearby was an orphanage for Catholic girls. Both were run by the same order of nuns. This brief history perhaps helps explain the Charity’s twin concerns of education and health for those in need.

The charity has two main aims

Within its means

To promote and support the education, training and development of young people up to the age of 25 in or from Preston schools by providing financial assistance in cases of need.

To support the sick, convalescent or disabled people of Preston in cases of need.

Associated Education/Training Costs

The Charity may provide help towards costs associated with education or training, for example: clothing, tools, instruments, books and help with travel. Grants may also be made to help young people prepare for or enter work after finishing studies.

Education and training awards

The Charity may award scholarships, exhibitions, bursaries, maintenance allowances or grants for school, college, university or similar place of education, as well as support for professional and technical training.

Help for Sick, Convalescent or Disabled People

The Charity may provide or pay for items, services or facilities not readily available to them from other sources.

Application for funding

The above is a summary of the main points of the Charity’s Trust Deed. Applications are considered twice a year according to the criteria specified in the Trust Deed. The Trustees may consult other agencies, e.g. the local education authority. No commitment to repeat or renew any grant can be made. Grants may only be made to supplement assistance from public funds, not to help people with their contributions towards them.

If you or someone you represent would like to make a request for assistance please click on the link to take you to the application form